26 Years Later…

Welcome to my blog! I’m a freelancer living in Germany (beautiful Hamburg) and I love developing software!

I started programming with Basic on a Genie III back in 1983… Cool green monitor – No need for a tanning bed – The radiation of hat CRT display was enough to tan 😉

Later I met Turbo Pascal, used TopSpeed Modula-2 and acquired my first object oriented experiences with Digitalk’s Smalltalk and its revolutionary PARTS Workbench – The latter was an exiting visual interface designer created years before the first Borland or Microsoft UI Builders appeared.

I moved from DOS to Windows 3.1 -> 95 -> 98 in the 90’s with Delphi, created my first Web applications with NSAPI & Delphi, checked out Cold Fusion and finally settled at the beginning of the new century with Java.


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