Maven + WTP + Eclipse

If you want to run a Maven Java Web Project inside Eclipse you may use the WTP support from the Maven Eclipse Plugin. It configures your Maven Web Project for use with servers like Tomcat inside Eclipse:

  • Add the plugin to your web project’s “pom.xml”:
  • Right click the project’s “pom.xml” and “Run as / Maven build…” (Goal “eclipse:eclipse”):
  • Refresh you project

Voilà – You have a ready configured web project you can simply add to your integrated server.

3 thoughts on “Maven + WTP + Eclipse

  1. Oh no please don’t use eclipse:eclipse it was kinda workin. For wtp 1.5 but now it’s just broken. We recommend using m2eclipse wtp integration.

    1. Max – is there documentation someplace on the specifics on the m2eclipse wtp integration? This has been a stumbling block for me previous.y

  2. I had no problems using the plugin with Eclipse 3.5 and “wtp 2.0”. But I’ll check out your “m2eclipse wtp integration” tip!

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