Parsing a Maven POM III

Due to popular demand I moved the latest code for parsing a Maven POM (including it’s parent POMs) into a tiny Github Project:

Here is a short example how to use it:

// Reading the model loads everything from remote
// repository using JBoss Shrinkwrap Resolver!
Model model = MavenPomReader.readModel("org.fuin:objects4j:0.6.1");
// Should print 'Objects4J'

A full example can be found here:


2 thoughts on “Parsing a Maven POM III

  1. The code on github seems to have an error. The code calls “Utils4J.replaceVars()”:
    Utils4J.replaceVars(version, model.getProperties() // Params: String, Properties
    Utils4J.replaceVars(pomXml, vars) // Params: String, Map

    Although the Utils4J class includes a method with that name, its signature doesn’t match either of the above.

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